Intuitive and Spiritually-Guided REALTOR?

Buying or selling a home can be stressful.  If you’re selling, you want to be sure that your home is showing in the most favorable light.  If you’re buying, you want to know that a home you are considering is right for you.

There are many elements that come into play, and a frequently overlooked and mostly unconscious attribute of a home, a house, a property is its energy.  If you are someone who is keenly aware of the energetics of a space, you’ll certainly want to bring that element into your real estate transaction.

What I bring is intuition and spiritual guidance to the process.  I won’t tell you if something is right or wrong.  Instead I will guide you through getting in touch with these unseen, powerful elements that are right there.

Intuitive and Spiritually-Guided REALTOR
Intuitive and Spiritually-Guided REALTOR

There’s no woo-woo here, either.  I promise not to bring divining rods, sage sticks, and other things associated with examining or clearing a space.  And while I do those things, I am here to act as your REALTOR and assist you in completing a real estate transaction.  I tap-in to the energies of the space and let you know what I “hear” and what is present for me there.

To be clear, when I say that I am an Intuitive and Spiritually-Guided REALTOR, and I speak of “spirituality”, I am not referring to any religion or affiliation with any human-created organization.  Instead, I am referring to those ever-present warm winds of love and energies that envelop us and gently nudge our choices to the positive – if we’re listening for them.

I am a Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Agent affiliated with Howard and Williams Brokerage in Madison.  My broker fully supports, understands, and himself practices energetic and intuitively-guided real estate transactions.  Our brokerage enjoys exceptionally high satisfaction and ratings from customers.  Please look at my About Me section for more of my background.


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About Me

First, thank you for considering me for your real estate transaction.  I have a passion for houses, and love exploring neighborhoods in the Madison area as well as other places where I travel.  I combine this passion with my natural abilities to be fully present to what’s in a space spiritually and energetically, and this serves my clients exceptionally well.

The “retail” practice of matching buyers and sellers is not my primary occupation.  Along with my life partner, we are real estate investors with a practice in buying distressed properties, restoring them to their former beauty and grace, and providing great homes for buyers in the Madison area.

I am intimately familiar with every system and structure of a house, and evaluate the condition of properties to know the costs of repair for my business.  Consequently, I have amazing depth to my understanding of a property; it’s not just surface knowledge of what makes it pretty.  I do all the staging for our properties, so I do understand the Feng Shui of structure and contents.

An advantage that I enjoy in our rehabbing business is the ability of moving, removing, and adding walls to create beautiful, functional, and energetically-flowing spaces.

So why do I do “retail” as this web site clearly defines?  Referrals come my way from prior clients, and I just can’t resist the opportunity to be of service to others and to be in the space of more properties.  After all, it’s not a “job” for me.

Are you interested in tapping in to your own spirituality for healing and growth?  You may want to join me for the monthly Dance of Divinity session in Fitchburg.  It’s a dance of spirit, not body.  Perhaps I’ll see you there.